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The main advantage with sports betting is that there are many events that bet: different sports, national and international and even on occasion, some bookmakers offer odds, like forecasting political outcomes in elections or who will be the next eliminated from the Big Brother house.

Most lotteries that we can buy on the street (Primitive, Euro millions ...) is incomparable to sports betting since there is no 'bug' of following a game to see if you are right. Just leave some cold numbers and in 1 minute you know if you do not have to go back to work or else still the same.

That magic for me is what makes sports betting special: previous study, breaking news, possible options and then watch the game to see if you are right.

The only lottery that is sold on the street and can be similar to sports betting is the Predictor. But this falls far beyond the possibilities of Internet gambling. Only senior football there, so experts at lower levels or in other sports such as basketball, tennis and Formula 1 have nothing to do with it.

Also, in football, you can only bet on the sign of the party, however on a betting website can predict the number of goals, scorers, if there will be penalties or red cards many possibilities. And of course there is the possibility of betting on one game or more in combination, but always under your choice, not as in the pools that many games more often is that surprises and make you fail.

There is also the Quantico, but is very similar to betting on goals that can be done. So if you are bored to take the lottery or the pools and do not touch anything, you can try sports betting. The satisfaction of having studied a pick and hit, it's a nice feeling. You to close your bets and have your account and make payments and income.


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In the area of sports betting, you can initially begin by placing small bets and then when you get some experience, you can go in for some real big bets if you like. In both sports as well as casino betting, you can always place bets on live games. Live betting is a bit risky but the experienced players do like to place bets online.

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You can go for online betting anytime you want to. There are no time limits or anything. You can bet and then wait the expected results. While on casino websites, you can play anytime. The services are open 24x7. You can ask them any query anytime. The reputed websites provides absolute brilliant graphics and services.

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Experience online betting on reputed and trustworthy websites so that you do not have to worry about your money. You must keep a record of your bets. You should never blindly place bets over some game or sport and then forget about it. You should keep a record in a diary about the amount of your bets and the dates etc.