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Grand Final between these two team, Villarreal and Algeria, which will decide who will accompany the lecher, consignor so the final spot for promotion to the Premier League. And, like that equaled the championship has come to this final day, and also the direct duel between party promises and illusion fraught.

To get a win, both teams would achieve the coveted promotion, to finish the game in a draw, Villarreal obtain the ascent, but seeing that playing at home and that it will only opponent the victory, locals can only think about winning the game as trying to find a tie can lead them to lose the game, and incidentally the rise.

Therefore, the party that we will be the two teams for victory, where the play at home Villarreal upper hand, thanks to the atmosphere will reign in their stadium, where his love animate from the first minute. From here we believe that Villarreal has more experienced players and favorite status will not relax and lose focus, which goes to the party, and that in the first part carfare.

One of the most exciting game that will take place this weekend, will be the clash between Argentina and Colombia, with the struggle to qualify for the World Cup Brazil 2014. Argentines many Table command the selections while Colombians are in third place, and even though they have a game in which his pursuers can not relax or may have trouble getting your place.

The Argentine combined home will be without their captain Leo Messy, who drags muscle problems which has not been allowed to finish the season contesting the last games for Barcelona. Despite having the medical, the Argentine coach can not afford the risk of playing him incisor, so its participation in the game will depend on the course of it.


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Sports Games

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